In The Book Hatchet Chapter 16. After The Devastation Of The Tornado Brian Was Able To Show Some Humor. (2023)

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Answer 1

The correct statement is that when Brian sees a tornado he personifies to talk to the tornado by challenging him if this was the most powerful tornado could ever be to hit him with a tornado and a moose.

Brian also hopes that when he is about to fall asleep, he would think that the tornado has hit the moose.


  • Hatchet is a novel written by Gary Paulsen, which became one of the bestsellers during its release. The book revolves around the character of Brian and humor incidents that take place.
  • The chapter 16 of the book starts when Brian goes out for hunting a fool bird. A TV series has also been created by the same name based on the novel.

Hence, the humor situation turned by Brian when he sees a tornado approaching is mentioned above.

Learn more about Hatchet here:

Answer 2

Brian showed humor after the tornado by saying, "Is that the best you can do? Is that all you can hit me with a moose and a tornado?" Next he thought that won't get the job done. Then as he starts to fall asleep he hopes that the tornado hit the moose.

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I did this assessment The answer is the first one I believe .

Hope you are having a great day the answer is answer 1 i am pretty sure

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The humor disappears as the narrator and readers learn that the kindergarten teacher is the mother of Charles.


When in doubt choose b or c ;) lol

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